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Architecture & Engineering

Scope projects with visual intelligence and analytical tools from Pictometry.

Imagery and integrations

Pictometry Intelligent Imagery® offers architects and engineers the ability to see multiple perspectives of structures and provides access to measurement and annotation tools to gain an accurate scope of every project. High-resolution oblique aerial images provide a more natural perspective than traditional orthogonal, or top-down views, allowing design professionals to view all four sides of a building. Users have several options to access imagery including PictometryOnline or CONNECTExplorer, web-based solutions offering varying levels of analytical tools. Integrations are available so the imagery can be integrated into AutoCAD® as a base layer or integrated with Esri ArcGIS. Learn more about integrations.

imagery and integrations

3D modeling

EagleView delivers 3D models that provide a remarkable sense of realism for any project. Derived from Pictometry® high-resolution, aerial oblique intelligent images, EagleView 3D models are a must-have for any project requiring precise communication and understanding.

Architects and engineers use 3D city models to provide as-built representation for urban growth and development projects, subsurface infrastructure studies, terrain analysis with ortho-draped surface modeling and much more.