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Specializing in automating manual processes, we deliver products and services that make your job easier.

Structural measurements

Construction industry professionals and contractors depend on EagleView's detailed, accurate structural property measurements to streamline their business processes, increase sales closing rates, improve production planning and increase profitability through time savings and more precise material ordering. The patented technology behind EagleView's measurement process means customers can be assured the structure has been measured accurately.

structural measurement


When used throughout the job lifecycle from the minute a lead is received to making the sales presentation, from accurately ordering materials and calculating waste to the final job closing and warranty packet, the report becomes a powerful tool that can help contractors increase profitability, improve safety and reduce stress. In insurance situations, the measurement report serves as an independent third party and is accepted by most major insurance carriers.



Manufacturers rely on the detailed diagrams, the DXF files that import into CAD programs and the precise measurements for verifying warranty details and for understanding the property and job prior to field inspections.

construction integrations


Beyond delivered measurement reports, EagleView offers construction industry professionals PictometryOnline and CONNECT™, web-based analytical solutions that provides access to Pictometry® Intelligent Images®. The top-down, north, south, east and west views provide a full 360-degree look at every property. This powerful visual intelligence, when combined with the provided measuring and analytical tools, leads to an efficient and accurate inspection and assessment right from the desktop.