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Insurance carriers, adjusters and underwriters use EagleView's data and visualization tools for better decision making.

Enterprise-level services

EagleView Technologies is the unparalleled provider of structural measurement reports, aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions for the insurance industry. The company's unsurpassed image library contains more than 250 million images spanning 12 years to provide the most comprehensive current and historical view of properties available. A fleet of 73 aircraft continue to capture the highest-resolution images on a year-round basis.

The patented image capture processes and 3D modeling algorithms coupled with property-centric analytic tools empower end-user workflows with scalable, efficient and highly accurate answer sets in support of property claims and risk management.

Property claim solutions

EagleView property measurement reports are part of the claims solutions offered by EagleView and result in precise estimating, drastic reduction of supplementals and faster closing of claims for increased customer satisfaction.

Property claim solutions

CAT response tools

Catastrophe response tools include Rapid Access post-event imagery utilizing Pictometry technology Powerful, visual information is derived from high-resolution aerial imagery captured within hours of a catastrophic event and viewed immediately through CONNECT. The web-based functionality of CONNECT provides a dual-pane viewing feature to not only see disaster imagery but also historic imagery for easy evaluation and desktop claim adjusting.

CAT response tools

Risk Visualization

When quoting or underwriting new business or renewals, EagleView provides the data needed to quickly and accurately assess a property and evaluate the associated risk. Detailed reports deliver exterior measurements, hazard exposure observations, roof geometry and, in some cases, interior details. Customization options are available to provide the exact information needed to visualize a property's risks and accurately determine the associated risk to value. Learn more.

Risk Visualization

Pictometry® Intelligent Images®

Beyond delivered reports, EagleView offers CONNECT™, a web-based analytical solution that provides access to Pictometry® Intelligent Images® for prospective insured properties. The top-down, north, south, east and west views provide a full 360-degree view of every property. A 12-year history of images offers the ability to perform historical comparisons and see changes over time on a property. This powerful visual intelligence, when combined with CONNECT's measuring and analytical tools, leads to an efficient and accurate inspection and assessment right from the desktop. Learn more.

Pictometry Intelligent Images

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