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Visual intelligence, data and analytics for every property, residential or commercial.

Instant property information

Real estate agents, financial mortgage professionals, title companies and valuation specialists using Pictometry aerial imagery and analytical tools enjoy instant information and understanding of properties. Quickly and easily search for properties by address and view each property from multiple directions including a north, south, east and west view. Users can view, analyze, inspect and measure properties using several different deployment options.

instant property information

Image deployment

PictometryOnline (POL) is a web-based solution that gives users the ability to execute exterior inspections, conduct virtual property tours, capture lot measurements, view date-stamped, high-resolution images and export them for use in valuation or appraisal reports.

The Gateway API imagery direct solution allows companies to incorporate Pictometry imagery into their workflow via a high-speed, server-to-server portal. Users enjoy the same easy search functions, multiple views with image download options and the ability to overlay U.S. parcel boundary lines on the images.

With the Pictometry IPA visualization application solution users open an iframe web browser to access imagery. It's easy to develop and embed in existing systems through the use of a Pictometry widget, giving the user access and control. Geographic coordinates or addresses can be used to search for locations with multiple views available as well as historical imagery for the location.

Image deployment
Image deployment

Structural measurement reports

When complete, accurate exterior measurements of a property are required EagleView reports deliver the information needed. Available on commercial and residential properties, the reports provide detailed measurements of the roof, walls, windows and doors.

Structural measurement reports