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The intelligence, solutions and tools needed to provide fair and equitable property assessments.

Meet 5 People Who Disrupted Their Assessment Process

Five assessors disrupted their workflows by throwing traditional methods of managing change out the window and implementing technology to easily see what parcels have changed. We call these assessors Agents of Change.

They all recognized that staying on top of change within their jurisdiction is a challenge and they turned to technology to overcome these challenges. Using Pictometry's ChangeFinder™ service, assessors can easily see what parcels change over time through property additions, renovations or other improvements.

Take a peek at how these Agents of Change have realized the value of ChangeFinder by downloading our Portfolio of Change - a high-definition album of pictures and case points depicting the value of implementing Change Detection tools with your Pictometry imagery

Portfolio of Change

Meets IAAO standards

The International Association of Assessing Officers has approved the use of oblique imagery as a reliable tool for remote assessment. As the pioneer of oblique imagery, Pictometry continues to offer key components to deliver a full solution that meets the IAAO's Standard on Mass Appraisal of Real Property, 3.3.5 including oblique images, orthogonal images, change detection, sketch and street view images.


Web-based access with CONNECTAssessment™

Images can be accessed through CONNECTAssessment™, a web-based solution that provides dual-pane analysis, building outlines for property change review and the power of Pictometry oblique and ortho imagery. Aerial analysis at the desktop lets assessment teams review overall changes and determine if field inspection is necessary.


Mobile access from anywhere

When field inspection is needed, MobileAssessment extends the power of desktop appraisal to the field. Users can consult and update data, capture photos and more whether online or offline. Information automatically synchronizes upon the next connection.

Mobile access

Access Technology to receive images quickly

Assessment teams can benefit from Pictometry's Rapid and Early Access Technology that provides imagery within days in the event of a disaster, or weeks with normal flight schedules. Accessing imagery early is vital for greater success in accurately and productively viewing, planning and assisting with fair and equitable valuation of property. It's all available through the powerful CONNECT platform.

Access technology to receive images quickly