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Analyze and visualize data for planning, construction and maintenance.

The world class Pictometry® imagery and data from EagleView® is designed for GIS professionals and enterprise usage across a number of industries.

Beyond aerial imagery, products from EagleView include LiDAR data collection, three-dimensional city models, near-infrared imagery, interior building mapping, and enhanced imagery and data for authoritative mapping projects. Geospatial solutions from EagleView can be viewed through desktop and mobile applications, and they fit into other platforms for seamless integration.

Streamline with workflow integrations

Pictometry integrations give GIS professionals the ability to apply highly accurate, real-world visual context to property-centric, land-based features within programs such as the Esri® ArcGIS solutions suite.

Activities traditionally requiring field visits can be performed directly from a tablet, desktop or handheld device, utilizing the power of Pictometry images and solutions. Enjoy a seamless blend of GIS and real-world visualization in a single, productive workflow.

Integrates into your workflow

Connect users and data

In addition to integrations for Pictometry imagery, users have the option of accessing imagery through CONNECT™. The CONNECT platform is a secure, web-based solution that combines high-resolution aerial imagery with customer GIS data to create a powerful system that is easily accessible and interactive. With CONNECT, GIS professionals can choose which employees and departments have access to Pictometry imagery.

In CONNECT, users can upload, view and analyze their location-based data against the backdrop of the highest-quality aerial imagery in the world. Since CONNECT is built on top of the Pictometry platform, this solution goes beyond visualization and provides answers for professionals across a number of industries.

Connect users and data

See the Pictometry AccuPLUS® advantage

GIS professionals also benefit from the Pictometry AccuPLUS™ advantage for authoritative mapping needs. AccuPLUS imagery contains less building and feature lean when compared to traditional large-format mapping. Simultaneous capture of oblique and ortho datasets gives the imagery a consistent, seamless appearance, and optional LiDAR data collection is available in conjunction with AccuPLUS.

To see your county even clearer, we invite you to download our high-resolution Pictometry AccuPLUS Portfolio.

Discover the 3D Experience!

Using up-to-date, high-resolution aerial oblique Pictometry® Intelligent Images®, Eagleview’s 3D modeling provides superior as-built representation and allows for a complete and precise understanding of an area or property.

Discover the 3D experience by downloading our 3D Modeling Portfolio today!

3D Modeling Portfolio

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