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Public Safety

Improve safety with immediate visual intelligence and data for any location in your jurisdiction.

Location intelligence

The ability to access key details about a location prior to arrival is crucial to ensuring the most positive outcome. From the desktop, public safety professionals can access Pictometry Intelligent Images® to feed current and accurate information to first responders in the field using Pictometry's forty-five degree views and deliver answers that enhance the safety of the public and responders alike.


9-1-1 integrations

9-1-1 integrations provide dispatchers with the intelligence they need to also communicate essential details to first responders. The highest-quality, aerial images provide clear views of all four sides of a property, helping dispatchers quickly identify access points, understand the situation and relay important information directly to responding crews.


Pictometry Disaster Response Program

Pictometry Disaster Response Program allows response teams to assess and plan time-sensitive strategies in disaster or non-disaster scenarios from their desktop, saving critical time when it is needed most.

Pictometry images are easy to access with tools such as CONNECT™ offering web-based access to the powerful, high-resolution oblique and ortho imagery.

Access Technology

Interior View

Other solutions include Critical 360, designed for viewing building interiors and 3D modeling to perform threat assessments, determine lines of sight and view buildings from any angle with photorealism.

Interior View