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Aerial intelligence and analytics to manage corridors and change.

Asset Validation

Pictometry's intelligent aerial imagery allows users to quickly view conditions, offering clear proof of encroachments and reducing the need for field visits through remote monitoring and management of projects and assets from the desktop.

Remote pole loading studies and asset count verification are easily accomplished using the accurate, high resolution content combined with web-based GIS integrations to locate and validate existing data, to measure, to perform queries and to overlay.

Asset Validation

Planning and design

When planning and designing for new construction, Pictometry high-resolution, authoritative imagery, data and analytical tools deliver a clear understanding of the land and topography under consideration. The web-based CONNECT platform provides a single platform for accessing intelligent imagery and data. Project teams can bring together, in one location, the appropriate data sets to analyze and measure the environment right from the desktop. Enjoy more accurate results and save hours of windshield time on your next project with CONNECT.

Planning and design

Deployment options

After establishing the foundational dataset, utilities can easily share the visual intelligence and data throughout the entire organization through the CONNECT™ platform. CONNECT is a secure, web-based application offering access through any web browser. Users can view north, south, east and west views of structures and use the analytical tools to measure height, distance, bearing and more. Because every pixel in a Pictometry image is georeferenced, the image becomes actionable, allowing for measurements and data extraction.

Integration options exist for those users who regularly work inside other mapping platforms such as the Esri® ArcGIS® Solutions Suite. The Pictometry IPA visualization application solution allows users to open an iframe web browser to access imagery and can be easily embedded through a widget.

Deployment options

Vegetation Management

EagleView uses Pictometry technology to deliver a cost-effective vegetation clearance management solution to utility companies and industry-leading engineering partners that satisfies technical objectives.

High-resolution oblique and vertical images are captured along the transmission corridor and synchronized with a medium-density LiDAR point cloud. Since most utilities now have complete PLS-CADD models, a medium-density LiDAR solution coupled with metric oblique imagery provides the ideal balance of accurate data versus price and delivers a cost-effective vegetation managements solution.

The Pictometry PentaView Sensor System is comprised of custom-designed, fully calibrated photogrammetric lenses and a recently updated 29 megapixel CCD sensor. This latest configuration is specifically designed to support corridor mapping applications and produces, in a single pass, both LiDAR data and high-resolution imagery of unmatched clarity. The increased swath width coverage that comes from the use of fixed-wing aircraft presents a significant operational advantage over a rotary platform, lessening the financial impact to the customer.

Six steps to cost-effective vegetation management. PDF

Vegetation Management

CriticalAccess Technology

This progressive technology provides visual intelligence and analytical tools delivered in the time frame needed for success.

Imagery is captured immediately after a catastrophic event and integrated into a rugged Esri® ArcGIS server deployment so damage assessment teams can respond quickly. Delivery is within hours of capture. Learn more.