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Oil & Gas Utilities

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Precise data and intelligence for the strongest integrity management programs.

Managing risk

Risk management is a top priority for the pipeline industry. Pictometry image-based solutions help oil and gas companies understand the exact location and classification of every structure and parcel along a corridor in order to make the most informed and accurate decisions possible. Precise data helps to easily identify high consequence areas and reduce risk.

Managing risk

Wide-area and corridor capture

Determining the right balance between resolution and corridor width can be a challenge; EagleView utilizes Pictometry technology to provide both options. Wide-area image capture collects more images per square mile with less building lean and better quality for customers to improve route selection, simplify planning of new construction and streamline the maintenance of critical sites. The corridor capture solution allows for accurate visual verification of field information and aligns cost with resolution so your company can choose the most cost-effective option to meet its needs.

corridor capture


Imagery can be easily accessed through the CONNECT platform, a secure, web-based solution that combines high-resolution aerial imagery with customer GIS data to create a powerful system that is easily accessible and interactive. Users can upload, view and analyze their location-based data against the backdrop of the highest-quality aerial imagery in the world.


CriticalAccess Technology

This progressive technology provides visual intelligence and analytical tools delivered in the time frame needed for success.

Imagery is captured immediately after a catastrophic event and integrated into a rugged Esri® ArcGIS server deployment so damage assessment teams can respond quickly. Delivery is within hours of capture. Learn more.

critical access technology