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Precise data and intelligence for the strongest integrity management programs.

Asset management

Effectively managing assets begins with establishing a foundational data set. Pictometry images and data offer a single, complete authoritative source to eliminate data inconsistencies and meet regulatory requirements for high consequence areas. The high-resolution, georeferenced, orthogonal and oblique aerial images are captured through an initial flight and delivered with building outlines to serve as the foundation for a comprehensive integrity management system.

The use of Pictometry imagery and outlines eliminates the need for the integrity management team to consult multiple, sometimes unconfirmed, sources to verify property information and determine details such as land use.

Asset management

Planning and design

When planning and designing for new construction, Pictometry high-resolution, authoritative imagery, data and analytical tools deliver a clear understanding of the land and topography under consideration. The web-based CONNECT platform provides a single platform for accessing intelligent imagery and data. Project teams can bring together, in one location, the appropriate data sets to analyze and measure the environment right from the desktop. Enjoy more accurate results and save hours of windshield time on your next project with CONNECT.

Planning and design

Deployment options

After establishing the foundational dataset, utilities can easily share the visual intelligence and data throughout the entire organization through the CONNECT™ platform. CONNECT is a secure, web-based application offering access through any web browser. Users can view north, south, east and west views of structures and use the analytical tools to measure height, distance, bearing and more. Because every pixel in a Pictometry image is georeferenced, the image becomes actionable, allowing for measurements and data extraction.

Integration options exist for those users who regularly work inside other mapping platforms such as the Esri® ArcGIS® Solutions Suite. The Pictometry IPA visualization application solution allows users to open an iframe web browser to access imagery and can be easily embedded through a widget.


Change detection

This progressive technology provides visual intelligence and analytical tools delivered in the time frame needed for success.

Stay on top of a constantly changing service area with ongoing image capture and change detection service. Annual flights provide the visual intelligence needed to understand the changes taking place in a utility’s geographic region.

With change detection service, utilities receive data that indicates structures or areas that have undergone a change since the last image capture. This allows the integrity management team to quickly review what has changed and determine if a field visit is necessary. If a visit is needed, CONNECTMobile for iPad® and iPhone® allows Pictometry imagery and data to go with the inspector.

Change detection