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Pictometry Imagery integrations for application developers

We offer several software APIs for partner firms to seamlessly integrate the use of Pictometry imagery into a host application. There are API/SDKs for mobile applications, web-hosted applications, desktop applications or client-server applications. The Pictometry imagery integrations accommodate a user’s need for on-premise or off-premise imagery storage.

Integrating with Pictometry adds visual insight to your application through the highest resolution orthogonal and oblique imagery available. It also helps streamline your customers’ workflows by providing access to Pictometry imagery without having to exit the application.

Contact us today to learn which solution is best for you.

Pictometry imagery for value-added solutions 

Web-based integration products offer partners extensive capability to incorporate Pictometry imagery and geo-referenced data into their tailor-made solutions.  Our integration products are ideal for companies offering tools customized for professionals in the fields of real estate sales, landscape and property maintenance, crime scene investigation, insurance claims administration and solar energy equipment planning.  Contact Pictometry today to learn how to increase the value of your business solution by incorporating Pictometry® Intelligent Images®.

EagleView Report reseller network

Join the very select group of firms that offer their customers the distinctive benefits of an EagleView Measurement Report.    EagleView reports are an independent, third-party standard providing highly accurate measurements of commercial and residential roofs and walls.  Contact us today to learn how to qualify to be an authorized reseller. 

Pictometry Imagery reseller network

Pictometry imagery resellers simplify customers’ acquisition of Pictometry oblique imagery within multi-product contracts for geo-spatial services.  Resellers obtain the benefits of 70+ camera-ready aircraft capable of producing extremely fine resolution, measurable oblique imagery on an accelerated schedule.  Avoid the capital costs of equipment and the operating costs of flying and ferrying aircraft by selecting Pictometry as your preferred supplier of oblique imagery today.  Contact us to learn more.