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Roof Measurement


Our PremiumReport is the most popular choice and is available for any residential or commercial property. When you order a PremiumReport we complete all measurements and email you the final report.

New! Penetration measurements are included on all Commercial reports! Learn more.

Extended Coverage Reports - EagleView offers Extended Coverage for PremiumReports. Using multiple image sources with the ability to pull the best photos possible, Extended Coverage meets the demand for extended geographical coverage and the need to measure as many roofs as possible. Learn more.

Here's what you get on a PremiumReport

PremiumReports come with aerial images of the property, a 3D diagram of the roof, length, area, pitch and notes diagrams, as well as a summary page with waste table calculations. The included length diagram shows color-coded details and total line lengths for ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing and step flashing. Our PremiumReports are used and trusted by most national insurance companies and also come with our Accuracy Guarantee.

  • 3D Roof Diagram Notes Diagram
  • Aerial Images (Top, N, S, E & W) Report Summary
  • Length Diagram Waste Calculation Table
  • Pitch Diagram Customizable Report
  • Area Diagram Square Footage Pitch Table


The QuickSquares Report delivers the approximate square footage and predominant pitch of a residential roof and up to one detached structure in about an hour, enabling contractors to be the first to bid on a project. The report includes a high-resolution aerial image of the property, outline of the measured area, an optional customizable cover page and a link to upgrade to a Premium Report for material ordering accuracy. A QuickSquares mobile app for iPhones is available from the App Store(SM) for easy ordering from the field. FAQ

Extended Coverage Reports - EagleView offers Extended Coverage for QuickSquares Reports. Using multiple image sources with the ability to pull the best photos possible, Extended Coverage meets the demand for extended geographical coverage and the need to measure as many roofs as possible. Learn more.


The SolarReport provides you with roof measurements, azimuth and orientation - everything you need to calculate solar exposure and panel placement. CAD-compatible DXF files can be provided at no additional charge to save you hours of time on each job.


The GutterReport is available for both commercial and residential properties and provides color photos of the property, eave measurements, downspout and miter corner count, as well as total number of stories by direction. The optional, customizable cover page turns the report into a professional presentation tool that can lead to increased sales closing rates and positions contractors as innovative business practitioners. FAQ

Wall Measurement

Wall Report

Wall reports provide accurate measurements and diagrams of a property's walls, including line lengths, door and window cutouts and the square footage (total surface area) of each wall.

A wall report is easy to use and understand. At-a-glance details are provided on the front page with more detailed information inside the report, including a 3D wall area diagram, window and door cutout measurements and diagrams as well as four elevation diagrams (N, S, E, W).

The wall report can be ordered in combination with a roof measurement report for the best value or it can be ordered on its own.

View a sample roof and wall report PDF.

Here's what you get

  • 3D diagram
  • Window and door measurements
  • North, South, East and West elevation diagrams
  • Report summary page that recaps total wall area and total wall count

EagleView Estimator

Designed for contractors, the EagleView Estimator is a simple, intuitive and powerful estimating software that delivers fast, accurate, detailed professional estimates, sales proposals and bills of material for any construction project.

Getting Started

Here's what you get

This 10-minute video will help you get started using the Estimator today. Watch it now.

This 60-minute recorded webinar provides a detailed look at how to create a professional estimate and bill of materials for your next roofing job. Watch it now.

Live Training Webinars

EagleView residential roof reports are seamlessly integrated into the estimating program through EagleScope™, EagleView's exclusive scope of work checklist. The system features preloaded product catalogs from leading manufacturers and distributors. The EagleView Estimator combines industry-leading measurements and cost accuracy with unparalleled ease of use.

  • Scope of work checklist Ability to order materials electronically
  • Generate sales proposals Roof and wall measurement report integration
  • Create material lists My EagleView integration
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    Our reports have a clean, organized layout and give you the option to customize the cover with your logo and contact information.The reports contain easy-to-read diagrams and summary tables.

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    3D Diagrams

    Using 3D modeling to create measurements is a more complete process than 2D methods and helps to ensure our report accuracy.

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    Need a more detailed report, custom cover page or multiple report formats? Learn more about additional report functionality in our EagleView Extras+ section. View EagleView Extras+