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Pictometry® visualization and analytical tools that integrate into your workflow.


CONNECT is a secure, web-based platform that combines high-resolution aerial imagery with customer GIS data to create a powerful system that is easily accessible and interactive. Users can upload, view and analyze their location-based data against the backdrop of the highest-quality aerial imagery in the world. Platforms have been developed for multiple industries and include CONNECTAssessment™, CONNECTExplorer™ and CONNECTMobile™.

All CONNECT solutions feature CONNECTAdmin™, an easy-to-use user administration interface that offers the ability to quickly and easily manage user account, sub-organization and the uploading and sharing of GIS layers.



This powerful, web-based tool is a full CONNECT solution customized for the assessment community. It provides an analysis platform for reviewing ChangeFinder™ deliverables. CONNECTAssessment™ combines several CONNECT workflow and change analysis data into one software platform for enhanced results when conducting methodical assessment, assignment and valuation of structures.

  • Facilitates a fair and equitable assessment by identifying changes to parcels
  • Define search and sort criteria
  • Building outlines can easily be viewed with the contextual background of the aerial imagery
  • ChangeFinder data layer provides important change analysis data
  • Designate a property for field inspection or further analysis
  • Discover millions of dollars in previously unassessed (omitted) property, which can translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased tax revenue
  • Easily manage users, permissions, sub-organization and GIS layers with the CONNECTAdmin™ administration interface.


CONNECTExplorer™ is a secure, browser-accessible web application that provide an intuitive interface to view high-resolution aerial imagery and features comprehensive tools for measuring and analysis. Customer GIS data can be integrated for enhanced visual understanding of properties and regions.

Without leaving the office, users can manage, deploy and leverage powerful imagery, analytics and GIS data for an entire geographical area. Since CONNECTExplorer is built on top of the Pictometry platform, this solution goes beyond just visualization and also provides answers.



Access Pictometry imagery on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere with CONNECTMobile. This easy-to-use mobile application allows you to pan and zoom around the imagery, view and query parcel data, overlay parcel boundaries and streets and use a comprehensive measurement tool set to gain valuable knowledge and detail about a property or parcel.

Download the app today at iTunes or Google Play.



PictometryOnline™ (POL) is the original web-based solution that enables users to access Pictometry imagery and tools via the Internet. Choosing POL as a deployment method eliminates the need to store large images and install and maintain software on multiple computers. A robust suite of analytical tools allows users to gather measurement data such as distance, height, area, elevation, bearing and slope. Query and annotation tools are provided to add text, place markers, query integrated GIS layers, export images and more.



This mobile solution was designed specifically for the assessment community and extends the power of desktop appraisal to mobile devices. This powerful tool provides the ability for users to consult and modify data while in the field, eliminating the need to re-key data and in turn, increasing accuracy for all types of field inspection. Additionally, inspectors can capture and edit floor plans, photos and notes directly from the field, synchronizing the information with CAMA data.

  • Data updates on next wireless connection
  • Sketch capability
  • View Pictometry imagery using GPS location and display property details
  • Syncs with multiple users
  • Pictures can be easily added to parcel files
  • Integrates into existing CAMA system

Electronic Field Study™

Electronic Field Study (EFS) is the original desktop solution for viewing and interacting with Pictometry Intelligent Images. EFS translates complex geospatial information into useful visual data using five pre-defined views and an array of easy-to-use navigational tools.

Electronic Field Study™

Server Edition™

Server Edition™ provides an innovative solution for jurisdictions that need to host their own imagery because of security or connectivity challenges. Once installed on an organization’s server, users can access Pictometry images using a web browser. Users can easily navigate large quantities of image data and enjoy the ability to view, measure and export. A secure web administrative interface is included to help manage users, maps and GIS layers.

Server Edition™

Access Technology

This progressive technology provides visual intelligence and analytical tools delivered in the time frame needed for success. Whether it is necessary in a matter of hours or days, EagleView® Technologies is the only company to deliver essential pre- and post-event imagery on your timeline, utilizing Pictometry® technology. Access Technology allows response teams to assess and plan time-sensitive strategies in disaster or non-disaster scenarios from their desktop, saving critical time when it is needed most.

Critical Access

Imagery is captured immediately after a catastrophic event and integrated into a rugged Esri® ArcGIS server deployment so damage assessment teams can respond quickly. Delivery is within hours of capture.

Rapid Access

Post-event imagery is available through our cloud-based CONNECT™ solution within 2-3 days of the event to assist in damage evaluation and recovery.

Early Access

Imagery is captured, processed and delivered after an expedited quality assurance check in 10-14 days.

Access Technology


Whether assessing property, maintaining the integrity of a pipeline or managing right-of-way encroachments, staying on top of the constant change created by building construction, demolitions and permits has traditionally been time-consuming and resource intensive. ChangeFinder™ helps by providing a consolidated data set that tells you exactly what has changed rather than just overloading your team with more data to sort through. Changes can be validated right from the desktop.

GIS polygon outlines are created for analysis of changes in size and shape. These building outlines are compared with imagery and changes are flagged for verification and analysis. This technology can also compare existing building outlines to new Pictometry imagery to find changes. Assessors can:

  • Dramatically reduce the time and expense of field assessments
  • Increase revenue by discovering previously undetected improvements
  • Improve communications during the appeal process using imagery
  • Detect the presence of swimming pools with the optional pool finding capability

Utilities and pipeline companies can:

  • Map features of interest to create an accurate baseline
  • Compare existing polygons to newly acquired imagery to determine the status of the structures and to identify new ones
  • Provide a geo-referenced data set to validate previous analyses
  • Report new structures identified as a potential concern such as a new four-story building



In an emergency situation, accurate intelligence is critical. Critical360 is a professional service offering that connects Pictometry users to a comprehensive resource of visually organized interior and exterior building and property information. From public safety and emergency responders to operations, administrative and facility management professionals, Critical360 users can quickly, easily and intuitively view up-to-date locational information.

Critical360 technology powers searches, queries and the location availability for critical resources and structural details. With accurate floor plans pre-generated by professional technicians, it provides 360-degree images of building interiors. When combined with Pictometry geo-referenced aerial imagery the power of Critical360 and Pictometry® Intelligent Images® can save lives.

  • Search building interiors
  • Locate resources
  • Pre-plan for crisis scenarios
  • Train using actual information from your jurisdiction
  • Have a continually up-to-date one stop resource of information
  • In an emergency make stronger, more informed and perhaps lifesaving decisions

Critical 360™

3D Modeling

EagleView® Technologies delivers Real3D® city models that provide a remarkable sense of realism for any project. Derived from the most up-to-date Pictometry® high-resolution, aerial oblique intelligent images, EagleView 3D models are a must-have for any project requiring precise communication and understanding.

3D Models are ideal for:

  • Urban growth management, planning and development
  • Emergency planning and management for high-profile events
  • Effective public presentations
  • Tourism and marketing tours featuring flight simulation
  • Subsurface infrastructure engineering studies
  • Terrain analysis with ortho-draped surface modeling

EagleView works with each customer to deliver in 3D file formats that meet the need of the project. File format options include: KML, DAE, 3DS, OpenFlight, CityGML, DXF, VRML, OBJ, Shapefile, ESRI Geodatabase and other options.

3D Modeling

Sketch Check

Sketch Check creates geo-referenced shape files from your CAMA-based sketch files and verifies them using your current Pictometry high-resolution, orthogonal imagery. Any discrepancies between the images and the sketch are flagged and categorized by degree of inconsistency resulting in a prioritization of parcels that need verification.

Turn your Paper Sketches into a digital format or create digital sketches using high-resolution ortho and oblique imagery.

Sketch Check

Vegetation Management

EagleView uses Pictometry technology to deliver a cost-effective vegetation clearance management solution to utility companies and industry-leading engineering partners that satisfies technical objectives.

High-resolution oblique and vertical images are captured along the transmission corridor and synchronized with a medium-density LiDAR point cloud. Since most utilities now have complete PLS-CADD models, a medium-density LiDAR solution coupled with metric oblique imagery provides the ideal balance of accurate data versus price and delivers a cost-effective vegetation managements solution.

The Pictometry PentaView Sensor System is comprised of custom-designed, fully calibrated photogrammetric lenses and a recently updated 29 megapixel CCD sensor. This latest configuration is specifically designed to support corridor mapping applications and produces, in a single pass, both LiDAR data and high-resolution imagery of unmatched clarity. The increased swath width coverage that comes from the use of fixed-wing aircraft presents a significant operational advantage over a rotary platform, lessening the financial impact to the customer.

Six steps to cost-effective vegetation management. PDF

Vegetation Management