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EagleView Videos

EagleView Construct™

Find out how to convert measurements to material orders with your pricing using EagleView Constuct.

Trends in 3D Automation – What it means for your business

This unique webinar shares the joint history of EagleView Technologies and Pictometry International and how they are breaking the mold with the use of high-resolution imagery, 3D modeling, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and point clouds to create powerful tools for visual and analytical solutions for GIS, 3D and business professionals.

EagleView University Tutorial Series

EVU 114 - Using EagleView for Production Success

Learn how EagleView reports can be leveraged for more accurate material orders, production planning and precise crew payments resulting in more profitable jobs.

EVU113 - Using EagleView for Sales Success

Learn how to use EagleView to help your business close more sales.

EVU112 - Using EagleView for Marketing Success

Marketing tips and ideas for roofing contractors along with an overview of complimentary tools EagleView provides that can help your business achieve marketing success.

EVU114: WallsLite

Take a tour of EagleView's newest report, WallsLite, and learn what's included and how it can help you be more efficient with exterior projects such as siding and painting. A special offer will be announced at the end of the webinar.

EVU111: Technology that Grows Your Business

After watching this webinar, attendees will understand how to use EagleView technology throughout all phases of the roofing job lifecycle including marketing, sales, production, warranty and referrals.

EVU110: EagleView Solar Solutions: Pre - and Post-sale Design

Use accurate 3D roof models to save time, import into CAD and combine with Pictometry® imagery in SketchUp.

EVU109: EagleView Solar Solutions - Qualification & Pre-sale Design

Understand how to quickly qualify roofs for solar consideration. Measure slope, azimuth, lengths, areas and export images.

EV107: Introduction to GutterReport

After watching this webinar you will understand what a GutterReport is and learn how to incorporate it into the sales process. In this session you will learn what information the GutterReport provides, how to incorporate the report into your sales process and how to order a GutterReport.

EV106: Introduction to QuickSquares™ Reports

After watching this webinar you will understand what a QuickSquares Report is and learn how to incorporate it into the sales process. In this session you will learn what information QuickSquares reports provide, how to incorporate the report into your sales process, how to order a QuickSquares Report and how to upgrade to a PremiumReport after winning the bid.

EV105: Extended Coverages

After watching this webinar you will understand Extended Coverage and be able to determine if this solution is right for your business. In this session you will learn why Extended Coverage is offered and what it means, in what situations Extended Coverage is offeredand the difference between a 3D and 2D report and how to select your default preferences for Extended Coverage reports.

EV104: ROI Calculator

Learn how incorporating EagleView reports into your business process can result in thousands of dollars in increased revenue. Input your real business numbers or use the industry average numbers provided. After attending this webinar you will understand how to use an EagleView report throughout the entire roofing job lifecycle, implement a process that results in increased efficiency and profitability and have access to the EagleView ROI Calculator to input your business numbers and determine your ROI.

EV103: Custom Cover pages & Property Owner Report

Learn about Property Owner Reports and Custom Cover pages. After attending this webinar you will be able to set up a Custom Cover for your EagleView Report including uploading your logo, changing accent colors and customizing your text, understand what is included in the Property Owner report and how to use it in your sales process to close more sales and secure referrals.