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Pictometry FAQ


Can I zoom in on these images for more detailed information?

Yes. Pictometry gives you the ability to zoom in and out of all images.

Can I link my existing mapping and GIS to Pictometry?

Yes. Pictometry software can overlay shape files directly on top of both oblique and orthogonal images as well as display a wide variety of other vector data.

How are Pictometry images stored?

The image raster data is stored in an industry standard image file format such as JPEG, TIFF or MrSID.

Can the images be annotated?

Yes. Pictometry provides a number of annotation tools and allows users to attach and geo-locate other documents or files, including a Word or Excel document, or even a corresponding image or video from another source.

What coordinate systems does Pictometry support?

Internally, Pictometry works in WGS84 lat/lon. However, Pictometry can translate coordinate systems on-the-fly that enhance interoperability with many common coordinate systems.

What are the requirements for each client workstation?

Pictometry’s software will run on most Windows platforms.

Pictometry Imagery

What is Pictometry?

Pictometry is the company that invented the technology behind aerial oblique image capture. As the market leader for over 12 years in the government space, the company also services the infrastructure and commercial industries. Providing powerful high-resolution aerial imagery and analytical tools for assessment, public safety, emergency response and overall visualization needs, Pictometry continues to offer one-of-a-kind solutions.

Backed by a fleet of 73 aircraft, Pictometry has captured over 250 million data-rich aerial Intelligent Images®. The high-resolution images are geo-referenced and viewable from five or more angles, allowing users to precisely measure height, distance, altitude and surface area directly on the images.

The analytical tools and solutions are easily integrated into existing workflows through strategic partnerships, bringing field work to the desktop, allowing users to make informed decisions and enhancing productivity.

What does oblique mean?

Oblique refers to the angle at which an image is captured. Unlike traditional satellite (top-down) imagery, our planes capture high-resolution images at a 40-45 degree angle, rendering structures and objects easier to identify and analyze. By capturing images at this angle, Pictometry imagery reveals greater detail, enabling users to see different views of structures or areas and notice relevant details such as street lights, fire hydrants, etc.

What about privacy issues?

While Pictometry images offer detailed information on building and property features such as roof lines, road markings, bushes and shrubs, the images cannot be viewed at sufficient levels of detail that would permit license plates to be readable or people to be recognized.

How is Pictometry imagery used by customers?

Used daily by county assessment, public safety, defense, insurance, construction, utility professionals and more, Pictometry high-resolution imagery is geo-referenced, enabling highly accurate measurements and providing exceptional visual intelligence. Visit the Industry pages on our site to learn more about how different industries use the imagery.

What is the advantage of Pictometry imagery?

Pictometry imagery offers advantages over traditional overhead photography or even satellite and GPS mapping. When the images are taken, every square foot of an area is captured in high resolution detail, from both orthogonal and oblique angles, giving Pictometry imagery something traditional aerial images or even satellite and GPS mapping can’t provide: a detailed oblique view of any feature. The locational data associated with each pixel makes it possible for users to measure numerous geographic details such as distance, height, latitude/longitude coordinates, directional bearing and relative positioning. Deployment options include enterprise solutions for multiple users to access relevant information from the convenience of a computer, laptop or mobile device.

Does Pictometry provide authoritative products?

Pictometry offers authoritative products derived from its aerial imagery and other data capture platforms. These products include certain imagery (e.g. AccuPLUS orthomosaics) and LiDAR deliverables. Where regulations and/or specific contract requirements dictate, Pictometry uses appropriately licensed professionals for all authoritative products provided.


Why change the name from Pictometry Admin to CONNECTAdmin?

CONNECTAdmin is a tool for administering all CONNECT applications. The name Pictometry Admin implies that it pertains to Pictometry Online administration only, not all CONNECT applications.

Why did the interface change?

CONNECTAdmin streamlines many common administration functions to make day-to-day administrative tasks much easier.

When will it be available?

CONNECTAdmin will be available starting May 18, 2014.

Can I continue to use Pictometry Admin after CONNECTAdmin is launched?

No, once CONNECTAdmin is launched it will replace Pictometry Admin. Pictometry Admin will no longer be accessible.

How can I get to the new Admin screens?

You can access CONNECTAdmin by clicking the CONNECTAdmin link found on the login page for most CONNECT applications (Pictometry Online, CONNECTExplorer, etc.).

How will this affect my users?

End users will be unaffected by this change.

What improvements are being made?

  • Simple pull-down menus make navigating the interface easier.
  • Parent organizations can now navigate to their sub-organizations with a single click.
  • More default values mean less data entry, making the process of creating sub-organizations faster.
  • CONNECTAdmin provides more capability for administering GIS data, such as the ability to share GIS layers with multiple sub-organizations in one step.
  • It’s also easier download and configure your data for use in your CONNECT applications.

Is there anything I can do now that I won't be able to do with the new application?

No, all previous functionality from Pictometry Admin is also in CONNECTAdmin. Some functions may be in different locations and have different workflows in the new interface.

Which Pictometry products and services will this affect?

This change will be transparent to other products and services with the exception of some new links to CONNECTAdmin from other CONNECT applications.

Can I get training?

To register for online training webinars or to request additional training go to Pictometry.com/training

To send our Training team an email: training@pictometry.com

To contact Customer Support: 855-337-1526 or customersupport@pictometry.com

Can I get documentation for this?

CONNECTAdmin has a fully documented help system accessible within the CONNECTAdmin application.

How do I get assistance if I have trouble using the new Admin?

You can contact our Customer Support at 855-337-1526 or customersupport@pictometry.com. Also, you can register for online training webinars or request additional training at Pictometry.com/training.

Will this cost more?

No, there is no cost to our customers for CONNECTAdmin.

Will I need to install anything on my end to use this?

No, simply log in to CONNECTAdmin with the same username and credentials you use today.

What differences are there for usernames, passwords, etc.?

You can log into CONNECTAdmin (and all CONNECT applications you have access to) with the same username and password you currently use.

CONNECTAdmin includes increased security for passwords. When you create a new user or change an existing user’s password, you will notice password rules when entering the password. However, existing users do not have to change their passwords to log into CONNECTAdmin.

Will I need to re-do anything (such as layers)?

All of the data associated with your account such as layers, users, sub organizations, etc. will remain unchanged. There will be no new setup or configuration required.