August 2, 2010

Roofing Contractor: EagleView Is Changing the Way Contractors Do Business

Throughout many roofing professionals’ careers there has been technology that has literally changed the way they do business. Some are easy to recognize such as fax, cell phone and the Internet while others are very industry-specific such as software for estimating, accounting and production. A new technology that is again changing the course of the roofing industry has been developed and perfected over the last two years by EagleView Technologies out of Bothell, Wash. — aerial roof measurement reports.

For generations, roofing estimators have been climbing ladders and measuring roofs. “Measuring roofs takes time, money and is a huge safety concern for our company,” stated Bill Gabel, an estimator for Interstate Roofing of Portland, Ore., since 1994. “It easily adds two hours to estimating for every job that I could be spending on the next estimate.” When asked what he has done to change that, he was very definite: “We pull an EagleView report.”

Software as a service is the new terminology for what EagleView is providing the roofing industry. “We are in our sixth generation of aerial measurement software technology and improving it every day,” stated Chris Barrow, president and CEO of EagleView Technologies. “It is the next revolution in high tech. Instead of roofing contractors spending thousands installing software and maintaining crews in-house, they simply place an order on the internet for a roof measurement report and they are ready to estimate the job in hours.”

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