February 26, 2010

CLM Magazine: Pushing Off the Legwork

EagleView was recently featured in Claims Advisor Magazine (The CLM) showcasing how emerging technologies help save time, employee risk, and errors.

Here are some snippets from that article:

“Emerging technological advancements are improving performance in several claims sectors: damage assessment, speed of claims processing, reduction of labor hours, improving accuracy and bolstering customer relations. Of particular value to adjusters are aerial measuring technologies, remote communications devices, calculation programs, and documentation software that permits the clear display of complicated data for presentation to the claimant.

The adoption of remote aerial measurement services for preliminary estimates has reduced claim-adjusting time and work-related injuries. These services will send the adjuster a detailed property report that includes photos and measurements of the site. From anywhere in the world, claims professionals with Internet access can retrieve vital information and assess damage to respond immediately to claims.

New technologies allow you to leave the “heavy lifting” to someone else. Claims processing software can be used to process multiple claims more quickly and allows the adjuster time to focus on other business matters. Emerging technology should be used as a tool to eliminate the manual processes so the adjuster can process claims faster and with less legwork.”

Read the full article here: Pushing off the legwork.

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