“We plan to integrate the use of Pictometry imagery into our Advanced GIS classes and make it the basis of the Photogrammetry sections of the remote sensing classes. Additionally, we hope to use the software for student research projects ranging on issues as diverse as planning, ecology, coastal processes and building/ infrastructure inventories.” 

Norman S. Levine, Associate Professor & Director Santee Cooper GIS Laboratory, College at Charleston SC

EagleView’s education partnership program provides hands-on learning experiences using the innovative Pictometry® imagery and analytical tools that transformed the mapping profession.

As a recognized thought leader in the industry, we believe in the power of visual information and in the importance of partnering with educators to provide the latest technologies to today’s students—the mapping and imagery professionals of tomorrow.

As part of our education offering, we provide:

  • Access to a vast library of Pictometry imagery through a web-based interface and extensions
  • Access to learning materials
  • Ongoing curriculum support and technical assistance

Education Programs

  • GIS (Geography, Landscape Architecture)
  • Homeland Security
  • Property Assessment
  • Planning and Environmental Health
  • Renewable Energy
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS, 9-1-1)
  • Professional Training Institutes (e.g. National Fire Training Academy)
  • Forestry, Environmental Services

“Pictometry oblique imagery is aerial photos on steroids… It does not matter if I am using it to explain a simple geographic concept in GIS, an active shooter scenario in my crime mapping class, or the impact of flooding in my Emergency Management class; the imagery grabs students’ attention and helps them think in a more spatial way.” 

Dr. Tom Mueller, California University of Pennsylvania

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For more information about our education partnership program, please contact Andrew Mendola, Educational Program Manager, at 888-771-9714, ext. 4279, or email him at

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