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Ensure accurate solar PV system designs

Qualified leads for solar sales

Understanding a site before you see it in person gives you a number of advantages in the lead generation and qualification stages of a solar installation.

What are the benefits of refining your solar lead generation process?

  • Spend more time selling and less time measuring
  • Have the most accurate data inputs
  • Know which doors to knock on — and why — to eliminate unsuitable prospects
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Lead Generation

After identifying an ideal property, the tools in CONNECTExplorer allow for closer inspection and let you gather address and owner data.


While on the phone with the property owner, use imagery to view the structure and ask pertinent questions. If they meet the criteria, use the built-in analytical tools to determine the suitability of the roof for a solar installation.

Solar Energy

Why use CONNECTExplorer in the prospecting stage?

  • The high-resolution orthogonal and oblique aerial images in CONNECTExplorer let you view a property from every side.
  • Built-in measurement tools provide a fast and easy way to assess a good candidate for a solar project.  
  • Extensive image library covering the U.S. and Canada can be evaluated right from the desktop.
CONNECTExplorer mansion screenshot

Learn more about how CONNECTExplorer from EagleView can help with your lead generation

Accurate information for the right properties

Do you have all the data you need for a solar installation? 

When you have the right information, you can create accurate pre-sale proposals and reduce the number of change orders on a project, in turn increasing customer commitment.

With access to accurate property measurement data, you can reduce change orders and get solar installation projects started off right.

  • Understand the roof with much more detail and precision to drastically reduce mistakes
  • Identify shade-causing items, including the height, location, and shape of any nearby trees
  • Discover other site-specific nuances



Design for maximum solar efficiency

When a solar photovoltaic system installation is underway, accuracy is paramount to the project’s completion.

Getting it right the first time helps you avoid the pitfalls that can cost you extra time and money in the design and installation phases.

CA house with pool and solar panels
  • Decrease soft costs: Accurate solar system design means designing the system with the optimal layout and output the first time
  • Reduce change orders: Consistency of knowledge base from lead through design decreases the risk of negative surprises throughout the project’s life cycle
  • Increase design velocity: Spend less time defining site specific influences while gaining tighter accuracy


Find aerial roof measurements, azimuth, and orientation — everything you need to calculate solar exposure and panel placement.

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