The industry-leading solutions needed to provide fair and equitable property assessments

Bringing innovation to the assessor’s workflow

For most property assessment professionals, driving from parcel to parcel to inspect a property is the norm.

Yet this time-consuming and cost-inefficient process comes with its own unique challenges. While some jurisdictions are packed with parcels side by side, others may be spaced out across hundreds of even thousands of square miles.

With limited time and resources, reliably tracking year-over-year property changes is near impossible. In some jurisdictions, reassessing an updated property can take years, potentially resulting in lost revenue for the local tax rolls.

That’s why nearly 50% of assessors across the United States turn to Pictometry® imagery from EagleView. The patented Pictometry oblique image capture process and desktop assessment tools make remote assessment and property change detection simpler.

Rethink the remote assessment process with Pictometry solutions from EagleView and get the aerial intelligence necessary for fair, equitable, and timely property assessments.


Full change detection solution

When assessing property, maintaining the integrity of a pipeline, or managing right-of-way encroachments, staying on top of the constant change from building construction, demolitions, and permits can be time-consuming and resource intensive. More >>

Remote Assessment from a Browser or Mobile Device

Used with our ChangeFinder™ data, the CONNECTAssessment™ platform allows assessment professionals to view parcel modifications without leaving the office. When a field inspection is necessary, however, EagleView has assessors covered with the CONNECTMobile™ application.


With our web-based viewing platform, CONNECTExplorer™, you can assess each property in a few clicks or flag those that require a closer look from the field.

Customize your view with additional GIS layers, collaborate across your team with the shareable Workspaces feature, and enjoy a seamless experience with smooth integration between your CAMA system.


CONNECTAssessment™ is a web-based solution that provides access to Pictometry oblique and orthogonal imagery. When used alongside ChangeFinder™ data, users can review property changes through a combination of Pictometry imagery, dual-pane analysis, and building outlines that highlight


CONNECTMobile™ extends the power of desktop appraisal to any location, including during field inspections. Users can consult and update data whether online or offline, and information automatically synchronizes upon the next connection.

Meets IAAO standards

The International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) has approved the use of oblique imagery as a reliable tool for remote assessment. As the pioneer of oblique imagery, Pictometry continues to offer key components to deliver a full solution that meets the IAAO’s Standard on Mass Appraisal of Real Property, 3.3.5, including oblique images, orthogonal images, change detection, sketch, and street view images.

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