Federal Agencies

High-resolution, georeferenced imagery for federal agencies

Answering questions that impact the nation

As a trusted partner and resource for the United States government, EagleView provides its imagery and solutions to federal and military agencies.

Geospatial imagery and intelligence from EagleView assists the federal government in base and facility management, disaster response and recovery, environmental monitoring, planning and development for civil engineering projects, and matters pertaining to national security.


EagleView’s imagery and data solutions include high-resolution orthogonal and oblique imagery, LiDAR, four-band imagery including near-infrared, three-dimensional models, GIS and infrastructure mapping, interior maps and models, change detection, and more. The state-of-the-art camera systems that capture our imagery are the only ones to receive United States Geological Survey (USGS) certification, and the images themselves pass through rigorous quality control standards and patented processing techniques before the final product is delivered.

The web-based CONNECT™ platform provides entire agencies with access to high-resolution imagery. These organizations can integrate imagery from EagleView into leading GIS content management systems to allow for simple measurement, surveying, analysis, evaluation, and more.



Company Data

  • Year Established: 1994
  • Incorporated: November 2, 2000, in the state of Delaware
  • FEIN: 16-1595473
  • DUNS#: 967973769
  • GSA#: GS-35F-0801N
  • NAICS Codes: 115310, 511210, 519190, 541350, 541360, 541370, 541922, 541990, 611420
  • CAGE Code: 3C358
  • Federal and State Licensed Surveyors and Certified Photogrammetrists on staff

Federal Agencies

Federal agencies rely on high-resolution orthogonal and oblique images and analytical tools from EagleView every day to gain situational awareness. Because every pixel is georeferenced, EagleView’s imagery is intelligent and actionable and allows users to extract data and interact with the images.


Many military bases depend on EagleView’s imagery to gain a more natural perspective of buildings and assets. Uses for this high-resolution imagery may include evaluating new infrastructure projects, equipping emergency response teams with critical site information, performing feature class updates, supporting encroachment mitigation, and more.

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