The view you need to enhance your community

Use imagery to make informed decisions

Running a jurisdiction requires detailed planning.

Agencies, including planning & zoning, public works, utilities, and even school districts, need to see the lay of the land to make the best decisions for their constituents.

Yet sending out survey crews and spending time on physical inspections can drive up costs and take up time. EagleView’s imagery and data can help agencies make accurate and efficient decisions to enhance their communities.



Oblique imagery is decision-making data

High-resolution imagery is a versatile resource that benefits every county agency that must make decisions and plan for improvements. Which departments benefits from EagleView’s imagery and data analytics?

  • Planning & Zoning: To grant appropriate permits based on surroundings
  • Public Works: To identify required construction projects, measure sites for material orders, and monitor drainage systems
  • School Districts: To identify district borders, school enrollment boundaries, and school bus routes
  • Public Safety: To preplan for emergency and crisis situations
  • And so many more


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