EagleView Storm Response

Storm Response

When a storm hits, we're there for you.


After a storm or other extreme weather event, you might think you need more time and additional staff to help you meet customer demand. With calls coming in every hour of the day, it’s easy to become overbooked with roof inspections. This slows down your workflow and could force customers to wait weeks or months for critical repairs to take place.

With EagleView roof measurement reports, you can automate your roof measurement and inspection process and do more with less. EagleView roof measurement reports provide aerial imagery and 3D models of residential and commercial property.

Automate Roof Measurements and Inspections


EagleView App

EagleView App

EagleView PremiumReport™

The EagleView PremiumReport gives you access to roof area, length, and pitch measurements as well as measurements for eaves, flashing and step flashing, hips, rakes, ridges, and valleys. This information enables contractors to place orders for the exact amount of supplies they need without having to worry about overages or extra site visits. The reports also include aerial imagery, 3D diagrams, and waste calculation tables with a Suggested Waste Factor unique to the property.

Wall Report and GutterReport™

Following an extreme weather event, you may need to repair more than the roof. Additional reports for exterior walls and gutters are also available. These measurements can be purchased standalone or in addition to an EagleView PremiumReport.


For fast and accurate bids, try an EagleView QuickSquares report. The QuickSquares report gives you the number of squares on the roof and an aerial image of the property. The price of the QuickSquares is deducted from the cost of a PremiumReport when you upgrade for full measurements.

Guaranteed Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Guaranteed Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Guaranteed Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Why are accurate measurements so important? Having the right information ahead of time means you won’t need to order more supplies halfway through a project, and you won’t be stuck with extra product at the end of a job, either.

The right information can help you make it through a storm’s aftermath without sacrificing time or job quality. Most importantly, the sooner you can complete repairs, the faster life can go back to normal for you and the property owner.

EagleView has you covered through an extensive aerial imagery database and proprietary measurement technology trusted by the top insurance carriers in North America. With unbeatable, guaranteed accuracy and the ability to process thousands of reports a day, EagleView helps bring you and your customers peace of mind.

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