April 16, 2020

Roofing Contractor: VIDEO: Roofing Contractors Reveal How EagleView, Technology Can Improve Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

Senior Vice President of Construction Sales Piers Dormeyer recently participated in a Roofing Contractor video with Derric Stull, President of Ridge Valley Exteriors, and Pat Nussbeck, President and CEO of Aspen Contracting, Inc.

Piers, Derric and Pat discussed best practices for working remotely, including how to use technology to stay working while staying safe.

From Piers:

“I hear this ‘roofing is not tech savvy’ bit a lot — I disagree. What’s happened is companies haven’t done a good enough job designing the software for the user. At EagleView, we believe if our software is too difficult to use or figure out, we’ve done something wrong.”

From Pat:

A best practice we’ve discovered is that – from start to finish – the customer doesn’t have to see us physically now. We can order an EagleView, go out and inspect the roof, then get on a video chat so we’re always keeping the customer and ourselves at a safe distance.”

From Derric:

Having employees all over the country, it’s been important for us to leverage technology early on, and we’ve been an early adopter of EagleView. That’s minimized disruption to our business during this pandemic.”

Check out the full video on the Roofing Contractor website.

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