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Data Service Solutions

EagleView Property Information Card™

EPIC: Simplifying the assessment workflow

EPIC takes the legwork out of keeping your property record cards up to date. This solution streamlines the process, giving assessors access to detailed property images, data, and sketches. More >>


Convert paper sketches to digital or create digital sketches from imagery

SketchCheck™ creates georeferenced shape files from your CAMA-based sketch files and verifies them using your current high-resolution orthogonal imagery from EagleView. More >>


​A clear path to answers

TreeRisk’s up-to-date orthogonal and oblique imagery is designed specifically to determine vegetation encroachments and identify locations of greatest risk along utility corridors. Read More >>

Underwriting Virtual Inspection Service

Better answers. More certainty. Improved satisfaction.

EagleView Underwriting Virtual Inspection delivers a 360-degree view of a property along with physically verifiable data extracted by machine learning algorithms. This detailed, accurate information is delivered directly to your underwriting platform. More >>

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