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Claims Assignment Service

Send the Right Resource the First Time

Critical Information Enabling the Right Resource Assignments Immediately

EagleView Claims Assignment Service delivers detailed property information that helps claims adjusters:

  • Identify steep roofs or multi-story homes requiring ladder assist, drone inspections, harnesses, or other equipment
  • Close claims faster by avoiding costly and time-consuming second visits to the property
  • Improve customer satisfaction and cycle time
Claims Assignment Service property image

Save time and money and keep policyholders satisfied


Deploy the Right Resources the First Time

EagleView Claims Assignment Service delivers property information directly into your claims triage process, providing the answers needed to determine if a drone or ladder assist is required.

The EagleView Claims Assignment Service increases efficiency to help you save time and money while keeping policyholders satisfied.

Features of the EagleView Claims Assignment Service

Property Information

Features of the EagleView Claims Assignment Service

Three key property data points help deploy the right resources:

  1. Predominant Pitch: Determines the steepness of the roof
  2. Eave Height: Measures the distance from the ground to the eave at the lowest point of access
  3. Story Count: Identifies the number of stories in the structure
Up-to-Date Data

Property data is updated annually on a national scale

Content Delivery

Property data integrates directly into your claims assignment platform

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