High-Consequence Area Analytics

Change is constant

Monitor assets in high-consequence areas

Change detection technology provides visual intelligence and high consequence area (HCA) analytics delivered in the time frame needed for success.

Oil and gas pipelines, as well as other critical infrastructure sectors, can stay on top of a constantly changing service area with ongoing image capture and ChangeFinder™ data. EagleView’s imagery provides the visual intelligence needed to understand the changes taking place in a utility’s geographic region.

Oil and Gas Pipeline


High-Consequence Area Analytics



With change detection services, utilities receive data that indicates structures or areas that have undergone a change since the last image capture.

This allows the integrity management team to quickly review what has changed and determine if a field visit is necessary. If a visit is needed, CONNECTMobile™ for iPad® and iPhone® allows EagleView’s imagery and data to go with the inspector.


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