SunSite Plus™

Know the impact shade-causing objects can have on solar installations

Understand the roof—and the objects around it

When a roof has nearby shade-causing objects, such as trees or other buildings, an upgrade to an EagleView SunSite™ Plus Report may be available for that property.

SunSite Plus Reports deliver precise roof measurements as well as 3D models of shade-causing objects, benefiting installers and designers throughout a solar photovoltaic (PV) project.

Trees, in particular, are difficult to measure and forecast accurately, and measurement errors could severely impact the energy output calculations for a property. SunSite Plus includes measurements for these and other shade-causing objects in DXF and JSON files, which easily import into popular design products such as AutoCAD®, SketchUp, and Solar Design Tool for an even faster, more efficient workflow.

In addition to the roof takeoff data found in EagleView PremiumReports, SunSite Plus include features such as:

  • Rafter length
  • Azimuth
  • Roof pitch diagrams
  • Roof penetration locations
  • A grid diagram

Avoid costly miscalculations and system redesigns with SunSite Plus measurements

Without accurate property data, solar professionals run the risk of miscalculating sunlight exposure and designing an inefficient PV system. That’s where EagleView comes in.

SunSite and SunSite Plus measurements derive from high-resolution Pictometry® aerial imagery from EagleView, delivering far greater accuracy than satellite images can provide. SunSite and SunSite Plus Reports offer solar installers critical information that helps inform panel placement and system design.

Note: Depending on the time of capture, roof images depicting full tree foliage may not be available for SunSite Plus Reports. EagleView’s Accuracy Guarantee applies to roof measurements only.

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