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GIS Content Management

Manage your GIS content with ease

GIS content uploaders for simplified workflows

Working with GIS map layers and symbology is critical for our customers.

Our GIS Uploader products enable customers to upload their GIS information from a number of platforms directly into their CONNECT™ accounts.


Available GIS Content Management systems:

  • OnlineDesktop GIS Uploader
  • ArcMap Uploader
  •  GIS Uploader

Improve your workflow with GIS content uploaders



Online GIS Uploader is accessible directly through the online CONNECTAdmin™ interface. It allows the administrator to drag and drop or browse a collection of GIS shapefiles.





Desktop GIS Uploader is a standalone application that administrators can download from the CONNECTAdmin interface and install to their workstation. Desktop GIS Uploader facilitates uploading the same shapefiles to the entity’s CONNECT organization.


ArcMap Uploader

ArcMap Uploader is an add-in for Esri’s ArcMap Desktop application, available through the CONNECTAdmin interface. When downloaded and configured in the ArcGIS Desktop application, ArcMap Uploader can be used to add a new window to a CONNECT administrator’s ArcMap Desktop application. In ArcMap Uploader, users can select various GIS layers to upload to their CONNECT accounts and define certain aspects of how those layers will be displayed.



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