CAMA, 9-1-1, GIS and Other Integrations

Integrate EagleView's imagery into your workflow


Our goal is to improve your efficiency while being able to answer questions quickly through aerial imagery. That is why we offer a number of ways to integrate web-served and locally-hosted imagery and tools into your current CAMA, 9-1-1, GIS, or other platform from a third-party software provider.

Our integrations are currently used by all major providers of CAMA, 9-1-1, and GIS applications, so there is a solution to bring imagery into every workflow.

The following platforms are available:

  • Integrated Pictometry Application (IPA)
  • Gateway
  • LINK-Offline SDK
  • Image Service

Learn how our integrations can improve your workflow.

Integrated Pictometry Application (IPA)

IPA is a robust integration that allows customers to embed a window into their existing third-party software applications.

  • Web integration with EagleView’s imagery using JavaScript and iframes
  • Easy to develop and embed into existing system and websites through a widget
  • Search locations by geographic coordinates or address
  • See multiple views and historical imagery at every location

Link-Offline SDK

This offline software development kit is suited for 9-1-1 applications. The Link-Offline integration allows for on-premise access to EagleView’s imagery in critical environments through current workflow applications.

  • Capability for image retrieval and viewing
  • Enables image measurements and GIS layer handling

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