EagleView Esri Integrations

Esri Integrations

See Pictometry® imagery in your Esri applications

An Esri® Gold Partner

EagleView offers Pictometry® imagery that integrates into the Esri ArcGIS Solutions Suite to give GIS mapping professionals the ability to apply real-world visual context to property-centric, land-based features. GIS spatial data can be overlaid onto data-rich, high-resolution aerial imagery to allow many activities previously performed in the field to happen right from the desktop.

The integration eliminates the cost and complexity of using third-party imagery datasets by connecting Esri users directly to Pictometry images within the Esri platform, resulting in a single productive workflow to blend GIS with real-world visualization.

Esri integrations include:

  • Pictometry for ArcGIS Pro
  • Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – CONNECT™ (Desktop Connect)
  • Pictometry for ArcGIS Desktop – Local (Desktop Local)
  • Pictometry for ArcGIS Web Application Builder

Learn how our Esri integrations can improve your workflow.

EagleView understands that many of its customers have come to rely on the Esri platform for much of their GIS and data analysis work.

To assist customers in this work, EagleView has created tightly integrated extensions that allow Esri customers to seamlessly consume their Pictometry imagery within Esri ArcGIS Desktop for their desktop and server environments. Pictometry imagery users can also access their data through the Esri ArcGIS Pro application, which allows for map creation, data management, and imagery integrations.

Benefits of ArcGIS add-ins include:

  • Interoperability with existing Esri workflows
  • Ability to leverage investments in the Esri platform
  • No additional training or IT required

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