EagleView Edge™


ASURED and Eagleview, Better Together.

Contractors use ASURED to close more deals and win more jobs by offering more manageable deductible terms and with no interest and no credit checks.

Increased closing rates and overall business means more business with EagleView.

Deductible Payments Over Time

Contractors can offer policy holders, monthly deductible payment terms.


Policyholders can setup automatic monthly charges so no payments are missed.

Contractor Teams

Contractors can invite their team of representatives to offer payment terms on behalf of their company.


Benefits to you

No Interest, No Credit Checks

This is not financing. ASURED facilitates and simplifies the policy holder’s agreement to pay the contractor.

Proof of Payments

Online proof and record of deducible payment plans for you, the customer, mortgage companies, and any other governing entities.

Clean, Convenient Dashboard

Contractors can easily track the status and progress of every policy holder’s account.

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