EagleView Property Data & Analytics

Use data to make decisions and transform your business.

Data PackBenefits
EagleView SolarReady™ Prospect
Data Pack
Identify which homes have good potential for solar panels.
EagleView SolarReady™ Propose
Data Pack
Leverage accurate solar information to create proposals.
EagleView Roof Area Estimate
Data Pack
Use 3D roof area calculations to engage prospective customers.
EagleView Roof Pitch & Eave Height
Data Pack
Assign the right resources for a roof inspection.
EagleView Property Condition & Details Data PackAccurately value properties and refine collateral valuation models.
EagleView Building Outlines
Data Pack
Obtain 2D building footprints for GIS applications and modeling.
EagleView Roof Age
Data Pack
Assess the age of a roof based on historical imagery.
EagleView Roof Material &
Condition Data Pack
Know the covering type and the condition of a roof.
EagleView Structures
Data Pack
Identify all structure types on a property for assessment and GIS applications.