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Pictometry Imagery

Pictometry® pioneered aerial oblique image capture and continues to lead the industry.

Serving government and commercial markets, Pictometry® imagery and tools are integral to the workflows of assessment, GIS, public safety and infrastructure professionals. As a leading provider of aerial image capture and geospatial data, we fly at low altitudes to capture the details that satellites miss.

Our solutions include orthogonal and oblique aerial images as well as aerial remote sensing using LiDAR. The capture systems we use provide wide-area and corridor aerial imagery. Additionally, our four-band add-on captures RGB and near-infrared imagery suited for vegetation analysis, impervious surface mapping and other GIS mapping needs.

With regularly scheduled flights, our aerial image library is continually expanding. Our new and historical imagery helps assessors, GIS managers and other professionals to better track change throughout their jurisdictions. And when time is of the essence, we're there to capture all the details. In the days following a catastrophic event, we can provide decision makers with the imagery and information they need to support recovery efforts.

With a number of imagery options and resolutions available, high-resolution aerial imagery from Pictometry offers customized solutions that fit seamlessly into any industry and workflow.

Intelligent Images®

A fleet of more than 100 planes, outfitted with USGS-certified camera systems, capture Pictometry Intelligent Images year-round. Image processing is completed using patented technologies that deliver amazing clarity and detail for a precise aerial view of every feature. Because every pixel in the image is georeferenced, this high-resolution aerial imagery becomes actionable, allowing for measurements and data extraction. Web-based access and tools make it easy to view and analyze the aerial images and information.

Intelligent Images®

Oblique Imagery

Oblique imagery is imagery captured at an angle to provide a more natural perspective, making objects easier to recognize and interpret. Oblique aerial images are captured from north, south, east and west directions to provide a 360-degree view of every property and parcel. Each pixel is georeferenced, resulting in intelligent images that are actionable and give users the ability to interact with the image to measure and extract data.

Oblique Imagery

Orthogonal imagery

Orthogonal imagery provides a true top-down view and is rectified to align to a map grid. This nadir imagery solution easily integrates into your GIS data for a comprehensive understanding of buildings, areas, large land features, local topography and more.

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Orthogonal imagery

Pictometry AccuPLUS™

Pictometry AccuPLUS imagery delivers authoritative, seamless orthomosaics in conjunction with our expansive, data-rich oblique and orthogonal image library. Images comply with positional accuracy requirements for authoritative mapping projects, provide maximum clarity and expose details otherwise obscured by atmospheric degradation. The imagery is fully qualified and approved by the USGS and meets the requirements for funding through the liaison program.

The Pictometry AccuPLUS advantage means imagery contains less building and feature lean versus traditional large format mapping. Because the oblique and ortho datasets are captured simultaneously, they maintain a consistent appearance. There is also an option to include LiDAR data collection in conjunction with Pictometry AccuPLUS imagery.

See your county even clearer with Pictometry AccuPLUS® Imagery

If you haven’t seen Pictometry AccuPLUS® imagery, this portfolio is a great introduction. Seamless and geo-referenced, this is simply the highest quality ortho solution available. With stunning pictures and information on this solution, the Pictometry AccuPLUS® portfolio is a good companion to keep in your files or bring to your next board meeting.

Pictometry AccuPLUS® Portfolio

Four-Band Imagery

Four-Band Imagery is an add-on feature to our AccuPLUS and orthogonal-only imagery solutions. The imagery offers four bands of color: the standard RGB as well as Near-infrared. With AccuPLUS imagery, this additional Four-Band option is available in varying resolutions (3-, 4-, 6- and 9-inch) and in mosaic and area-wide mosaic tiles. Standard delivery formats include RGB, four-band and CIR. The near-infrared images, in particular, support visual identification for impervious surface mapping, vegetative inventory, wetland delineation and crop and timber inventory.

Wide-area Image capture

Capturing more aerial photos per square mile translates to less building lean in imagery and better quality for customers. We fly and image from low altitudes, maximizing clarity and exposing details otherwise obscured by atmospheric degradation. For utilities, pipelines and other infrastructure projects, selecting routes, planning the construction of new sites and corridors and maintaining critical sites are less complicated when you have a comprehensive, up-to-date database of information at your fingertips.

Wide-area Image Capture

Corridor Image capture

Highly accurate Pictometry aerial imagery provides an up-to-date visual verification of field information and delivers the answers needed to move utility and infrastructure projects forward. This corridor mapping solution aligns resolution and cost in order to offer the most effective product option to suit your needs.

Corridor Image Capture


Our sophisticated LiDAR mapping systems allows us to collect dense, accurate, datasets rapidly and produce a full suite of terrain mapping products to meet your mapping and modeling requirements. Whether you're planning, analyzing or managing emergency response, Pictometry aerial LiDAR solutions can provide all of your high-accuracy remote sensing and terrain mapping needs. Datasets are collected at several different point density and accuracy levels to suit a variety of requirements and deliverable options.

LiDAR specification sheet


CAT Imagery

Responding quickly to a catastrophic event is critical to recovery efforts. Many times sites are inaccessible or conditions may be such that it is unsafe to send inspectors or adjusters. Within hours of a disaster, EagleView has the ability to capture high-resolution Pictometry images. Pictometry Access Technology provides options for accessing and viewing post-event imagery within hours, days or weeks of the incident.

Because the Pictometry image library spans more than a decade of regular image capture, it is easy to compare historical aerial photos to current ones in order to gain understanding of conditions before and after the catastrophe.

Used by insurance carriers, restoration companies, utilities, contractors and more, the aerial view images are accessible via the web-based CONNECT™ platform with basic tools for evaluation, analysis and measurement. These aerial photos are critical in identifying access points, determining total losses, pinpointing areas that require special attention or equipment and scoping the damage.

CAT Imagery

Street-level Imagery

Street-level imagery is one of the newest frontiers of digital imagery. Gather an amazing amount of information about assets, street quality, addresses and other information from a street view level. Assess, pan and zoom in on existing property structures, road conditions, signage, and more.

Street-level Imagery