Texas Construction Company Uses EagleView to Increase Sales Closing Rate by 20 Percent

Charles Terry, owner of Charles Terry Construction in Midland, TX, recalled when he first learned about EagleView two years ago. “Someone from EagleView called me to tell me about what it could do for my business, and I didn’t really understand how it could help,” explains Terry. His curiosity won out and he decided to give it a try.

Texas Construction Company Uses EagleView to Increase Sales Closing Rate by 20 Percent

Terry was impressed by the first EagleView report he received. “The diagrams, the measurements and the color photos were very professional,” he said. “I put that into my sales presentation for the homeowner and it was a slam dunk.” Terry recalls that he brought his presentation to the homeowner and saw that his competitors had dropped off single-page estimates. “The EagleView report made all the difference. It positioned us as a professional company and we got the sale. That by itself made EagleView worth using on every job.”

Charles Terry Construction has served the local market in the Midland – Odessa area for the past 30 years. Terry started out as a repairman in the roofing industry and built Charles Terry Construction into a million dollar plus construction business; he knows how to measure a roof. Using EagleView measurement reports is about much more than measurements for Terry.

“It gives me a huge advantage in many situations, “Terry said. He told of one time he received a call from a homeowner who was 80 miles away and did not want anyone coming to her home. “I told her I could give her an estimate over the phone and I would call her back in three hours.” Terry ordered an expedited EagleView report and was able to provide an accurate estimate the same day to the astonished homeowner.

Terry has seen an increase in his sales closing rate of about 20 percent that he attributes to incorporating the EagleView report into his sales process. “If people aren’t taking full advantage of the report and using it in their presentation and closing, they are missing the boat,” Terry said. “When you look at the cost of an EagleView compared to what it does for your business, its pennies on the dollar. You get back so much more in the end.”

Not only has he seen his sales closing rate increase but Terry also appreciates the fact that insurance companies accept EagleView reports as the independent, third-party standard. “I no longer have discrepancies with insurance companies; there is no arguing over whether the pitch is seven or eight or who’s measurements are correct. It has put us all on the same page.”

EagleView’s customer service department has stepped up to provide exceptional support to Terry when he needed it. The job was for a large apartment complex that had suffered storm damage. He ordered an EagleView report for the entire complex and prepared his bid from that. “The apartment complex manager had gotten another bid from two other companies that measured one building and assumed all the others were identical. He called me to tell me my bid was $90,000 under.” Even though Terry was confident that the EagleView measurements were accurate, he called on EagleView customer service to double check and verify. “They took the time to review everything in my order again to provide reassurance,” said Terry. “In this situation EagleView made me look like a shining star!”

In addition to ordering EagleView reports and growing his business, Terry is an avid supporter of the SPCA. He and his mascot, a Kerry Blue Terrier named Jewel, help out with many other community fundraising events, believing that it’s important for a successful company to support their local community.

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