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Atlas Roofing is an innovative, customer-oriented manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials with 24 facilities across North America. 

Offering high-quality products that withstand the elements, Atlas Roofing is the choice for contractors who seek materials that will provide long-lasting protection. A number of partnerships with companies that include 3M and Scotchgard Protector enable Atlas Roofing products to combine beauty and strength, and customers have their choice of a range of stylish options.

With Atlas Roofing, contractors can provide their customers with:

  • The most durable shingles in the industry
  • Years of lasting curb appeal
  • Protection from storms, high winds, and other aggressive elements
  • Industry-leading warranty coverage
Atlas Roofing
Atlas Roofing + EagleView

EagleView’s integration with Atlas Roofing gives roofers easy access to high-quality roof reports. Atlas Roofing’s streamlined ordering tool enables roofing contractors to order EagleView roof reports directly from AtlasPRO. Once you’ve ordered your report from the portal, the system automatically converts your reports into leads. One click allows you to turn those leads into registered jobs.

Using EagleView reports through Atlas Roofing, you can more closely involve the homeowner in the sales discussion and decision-making process—differentiating yourself from the competition.

Key Benefits

Simple Process

Order EagleView roof reports within AtlasPRO

Fast & Efficient

Efficiently process leads.

Boost Sales

Increase closing rates.

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