EagleView Edge™

Meet GiddyUp


GiddyUp helps contractors streamline their business. GiddyUp offers door-to-door canvassing, sales management, a customer portal, robust inspection tools, and an industry-leading production board – everything you need to sell-build-collect your jobs. With GiddyUp, they fit the software to your compa

With GiddyUp, contractors can:
  • Door-to-Door Canvass
  • Perform Damage Inspections
  • Estimate & Create Proposals
  • Manage & Close Opportunities
  • Schedule & Build Jobs
  • Track & Manage Financials
Software That Does Business Your Way
  • Add automation to your measurement process
  • Automatically order and receive EagleViews using the GiddyUp rules engine
  • Use EagleView measurements to automatically create estimate and material orders
GiddyUp Canvassing

Canvasser is a mobile app used for Door-to-Door Canvassing. Streamline and optimize your neighborhood campaigning efforts. Turn contacts into contracts with GiddyUp Canvasser. 


How to Set Up EagleView Integration in GiddyUp
Setup: Easily setup your eagleview integration to use either a shared account, a separate account per location or individual eagleview accounts for each GiddyUp user
Create Measurements: Order your EagleView from directly inside your job by clicking on the Create Measurements button in the Measurements section
Order: Provide the necessary details and easily submit your eagleview order. You can track the status of your eagleview order directly within your GiddyUp job.
Order Completion: Once your EagleView order is complete, the report will automatically appear within your GiddyUp job. Your measurements section will automatically be populated using your eagleview report.
Estimate: Quickly create a customer estimate using your EagleView measurements to populate your estimating template by clicking on the Create Estimate and selecting With Measurements.
EagleView + GiddyUp

Seamless integration with EagleView allows you to order reports from within GiddyUp. Generate estimate quantities from EagleView measurements and custom GiddyUp formulas instantly and with ease.

Why You Should Consider GiddyUp

Use one EagleView account per sales rep, per office, or per company – the choice is yours. 


Order EagleView reports directly within your GiddyUp jobs or automate the process using GiddyUp’s powerful rules engine.


EagleView reports automatically appear once complete and can be used to create customer estimates and material orders.

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