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The Leap platform helps contractors large and small grow their business, scale operations, create repeat and referral customers, and protect their margins.

With Leap, contractors can:
  • Modernize workflow
  • Create accurate bids
  • Eliminate human error
  • Provide a better experience
The Most Complete Contractor Platform
  • Easily order your EagleView report right within Leap
  • Effortlessly access measurement data in the resources section
  • Simply convert measurement data into material quantities
Leap from Start to Finish

Leap is the complete platform for the professional contractor. Keep track of every lead, job, and opportunity in Leap’s easy-to-use CRM. Grow your business with Leap.

EagleView + Leap

Effortlessly order EagleView reports right in Leap’s platform and modernize your workflow with full CRM integration. Compile fast and accurate bids with top-down and side-angle aerial images. Carry over all customer data and job info directly into your workflow for a transparent customer experience with Leap and EagleView. 

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