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Founded in 2019 by experts in the roofing, storm restoration, and exterior construction Industry, ROOFLE Technologies is at the forefront of innovation in the SaaS domain. Our flagship product, RoofQuote PRO™, allows contractors to provide instant roofing estimates online 24/7 and a shopping-like experience using our proprietary technology. As a pioneering force in the industry, we're committed to transforming the way roofing businesses operate.

With Roofle, roofing contractors can:
  • Give accurate online quotes 24/7 for real products and services
  • Easily put this tool on your website for up to 6X more leads and sales
  • Gain homeowner trust by providing an online shopping-like experience
  • Offer pre-qualifying loan options instantly with your quotes
EagleView + Roofle Integration
  • Order Premium or Bid Perfect™ Reports manually through the Pro Portal or automatically with each lead
  • Use EagleView data to auto-populate material quantities for Beacon orders through the Pro Portal
  • Verify and update instant quote data with EagleView measurements
  • Search and use reports ordered through RoofQuote PRO™ in other apps that integrate with EagleView
Order Detailed Measurement Reports in RoofQuote PRO™ with the EagleView Integration

EagleView high-resolution imagery can be ordered manually from your RoofQuote PRO™ portal by any user or automatically from your website’s instant quote tool when a homeowner requests a final proposal.

Order EagleView’s Bid Perfect™ Reports for fast delivery and a price that can support every job you bid.

Order EagleView’s Premium Reports for the highest resolution imagery with extremely precise and comprehensive building structure data.

The Power of Accurate Roofing Estimates

Give accurate roofing estimates for real products on auto-pilot and go from lead to loan at record speed. Delight homeowners with instant quotes on your website and offer pre-qualifying loan options at the click of a button. How will RoofQuote PRO™ will grow your roofing business?

  • Increase your website conversions (6x on average) 
  • Hit exponentially more doors in storms with instant quotes – Save your sales team time by weeding out tire kickers 
  • Increase your coverage area by quoting projects virtually anywhere 
  • Raise close rates with price-conditioned leads 
  • Gain more trust by offering polished technology and transparency 
  • Streamline your entire sales process 
  • Supercharge your marketing efforts with a stronger call-to-action – Get the jump on your competition
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Get up to 6x more website leads  

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