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Meet SumoQuote


With SumoQuote, contractors can:
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Close more jobs
Getting Started with SumoQuote

Build perfect quotes in record time. Every time.

EagleView + SumoQuote

Order accurate aerial measurements for your projects and apply them to your quotes. 

Why You Should Consider SumoQuote
Build quotes lightning fast.

Get quotes in your clients hands in the time it takes your competitors to find their clipboards. 

Standardize it for everyone. 

Build it once, repeat it thousands of times. Keep things consistent across your entire sales team, even the new guys. 

You can’t afford not to use it. 

Increase your close rate by 64% and add $2100 of average upgrades per job. 

Meet SumoQuote for Solar


Perfect every part of your solar sales experience. SumoQuote allows roofing experts to create winning quotes in minutes.

With SumoQuote, solar contractors can:
  • Access industry-leading accuracy with EagleView TrueDesign™
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Close more solar jobs
  • Drive more solar revenue
  • Limit change orders with industry-leading accuracy
EagleView + SumoQuote Solar Integration
  • Grab industry-leading accurate data with EagleView TrueDesign™ to get installation ready solar designs from day one

  • Connect measurements to calculations in your pricelist to generate line items in seconds

  • Offer solar on every job. If you’re building a roofing quote, you’ve already done most of the work to build a solar quote

Show the Full Payoff of Solar
  • Use your customer’s utility information to create an analysis based on what they’re actually paying

  • Compare a solar design to annual electricity usage to design an appropriate system

  • Offer financing from any provider to reassure your customers that installation makes financial sense

  • Apply the federal or state tax credit available in your region to make solar more affordable

  • Take advantage of low interest solar loans to finance an entire roofing and solar job

 Why You Should Consider SumoQuote for Solar

Give your customers a polished sales experience that leaves a strong lasting impression.


Build lightning fast solar quotes for your clients in the time it takes your competitors to find their clipboards.


 Build a custom solar quote and repeat it a thousand times. Keep quote templates standardized across your entire sales team.

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