Sketch Inspect

Sketch Inspect

Easy and Efficient Property Sketch Verification

Save Time with Automated Sketch Verification

Visiting homes to verify property sketch data in-person is time consuming and inefficient. Assessors need a better way to verify sketches.

Sketch Inspect is the revolutionary new way to tackle sketch verification.

While other companies deliver data in spreadsheets, Sketch Inspect goes deeper. Property sketches are superimposed onto aerial imagery, providing a helpful visualization of sketch matches, mismatches and missing sketches.

Once the inaccurate and missing sketches are detected, assessors can focus on just the parcel records that need updates.

How Property Assessors Benefit from Sketch Inspect

Maintain Accurate Parcel Records

Quickly identify parcel records that need to be updated—making it easier to maintain fair and equitable tax rolls.

Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Work

Complete sketch verification and parcel record updates in days, instead of weeks, using the power of automation.

Work Efficiently with a Complete Solution

View property sketches on top of aerial imagery and use the Work Orders Manager to coordinate follow-up actions on properties.

Save Money

Preserve your budget dollars by reducing the expenses from field visits and manual property measurements.

Sketch Verification is Easier and Faster with Sketch Inspect

Packed with features, Sketch Inspect is transforming sketch verification.

Color-Coded Sketches

Sketch matches, mismatches and missing sketches are displayed with different colored lines, making it easy to see each match type.

Filtering Options

Properties can be sorted by location, parcel type, match quality, and other characteristics. Filters can be used to prioritize properties for analysis and record card updates.

Oblique Aerial Imagery

Side-angled property views are included and synced up with the sketch overlay, making it easy to see property details from multiple directions.

CAMA Integrations

Property data can be extracted from your CAMA system and used with Sketch Inspect.