EagleView Sketch Inspect™

EagleView Sketch Inspect™ for Assessors

Automated Property Validation, Change Detection, and Comparison

Manually building, maintaining, and verifying property sketch data can be time-intensive and inefficient.

With Sketch Inspect™, assessors can easily:

  • Ensure accuracy of property sketches
  • Keep track of building dimensions for valuation purposes
  • Review, validate, and update data

… all within one system.

Sketch Inspect™ Mapping
View and manage sketches in one comprehensive platform

View and manage sketches in one comprehensive platform

Find and review inaccuracies

Find and review inaccuracies

Identify structures that don’t have sketches

Identify structures that don’t have sketches

Maximize quality control with automated sketch verification and user-curated correction layer

Fast & Simple Sketch Management

Automated Sketch Verification

Streamline workflows and reduce information bottlenecks with automated sketch verification algorithms

Work Order Management

Create seamless work orders to address issues including office, GIS, and field inspection tasks

Sketch Inaccuracy Identification

Easily find sketches that don’t match what's on the ground, including missing sketches

Desktop Appraisal UI

Sort, filter, review, track, and flag parcels with discrepancies using the web-based interface

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