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Assess Support Videos

1. Preparing to Launch

2. iPad Setup

3. Setup EagleView Drone App

4. Scheduling a New Job

5. Connecting the iPad & Controller

6. Pre-Flight Checklist

7. Takeoff to Suggested Facets

8. Verifying Facets

9. Battery Swap & Resume Scan

10. Completing the Scan & Landing

11. Completing the job

Assess FAQs 

Visit our knowledge center for answers to Assess FAQs.

Connection Tips

Powering on the drone: Place a battery on the drone and hold the power button on the front of the battery for three seconds. The lights on the drone should begin blinking.

Controller to iPad:

  1. Open the controller arm.
  2. Attach the tablet holder to the controller, then the iPad to the tablet holder.
  3. Connect the short black USB-C to USB-C cable from the controller to the iPad.

Indication lights: When the lights on the drone and controller are solid blue, tap ‘Roof Inspection.’ Then select ‘Detect’ or ‘Quick Scan’ and you should see ‘Begin Flight’ on screen.

Password or Wi-Fi info: You should never be prompted to enter the Skydio Wi-Fi or password. If you see this, try removing the USB-C cable from the controller and iPad and connecting it again.

Basic Troubleshooting

App issues: If you are having an issue with any app, try closing the application and relaunching it.

Connection issues:

  1. Unplug the USB-C cable between the controller and iPad and reconnect.
  2. If the previous step was unsuccessful, disconnect everything and power it down and then begin again to reconnect the drone, controller, and iPad


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