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What if your pre-design was install-ready?


of the cost of a typical solar installation is made up of soft costs – including direct and indirect expenses associated with sales, site visits, and permitting.1

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Pre-designs based on inaccurate data drive up soft costs with lost time, missed revenue, and bad customer experiences.

With TrueDesignTM, you get install-ready PV designs for solar contracting, decreasing your soft costs and improving your profit margin at every stage of the process.

During the Sale:

Know exactly how many panels will fit on the roof and the optimal placement to get the best performing system.

  • Select your design preferences
  • Generate an optimized design in minutes
  • No solar design experience required
  • Guaranteed accuracy for roof dimensions and obstructions, with a ≥ 98% accuracy for TSRF and Solar Access Values (SAV)
Roof Analysis
2+ weeks faster

2+ weeks

save $250+ per job

save $250+
per job

reduce change orders & cancellations

reduce change orders & cancellations

Planning, Design, & Quality Control:

Download a complete CAD file including roof diagrams and module layouts to start your planning and engineering process. Reduce QC costs with accuracy and full design control from the start of the project.

  • Reduce or eliminate exterior site visits
  • Run solar projects 2+ weeks faster²
  • Reduce or eliminate change orders, saving $250+ per job²
  • Reduce the risk of cancellation due to change orders, which impact upwards of 68%² of jobs and carry cancellation costs up to $2,500 per customer³

Install Quality Systems Quickly:

Deliver a better customer experience through permitting & installation.

  • Homeowners who get installed faster and experience the savings promised are more likely to refer friends and neighbors
  • Pull permits faster with accurate data
  • Deliver high-performing PV systems on time and on budget

Stop losing time, money, and customers due to design rework.

Get an accurate, install-ready PV design from the start with EagleView TrueDesign™.


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