QuickSquares™ is a Game Changer for Perry’s Roofing LLC

As a roofing contractor in Pleasantville, NY, Perry Verrone, owner of Perry’s Roofing LLC, is known for delivering high-quality roofing installations.  “We offer a five-year warranty on labor and a lifetime warranty on shingles. We work six days a week, and offer roof repair services for shingle, slate, Spanish tile and cedar roofs,” stated Verrone.  “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our business through quality and customer service.  It is a part of the foundation of this business.”

With eighty-five percent of their work being residential, Verrone and his team are focused on constantly improving customer service for homeowners.  Always looking for new technology, he discovered EagleView Technologies in January of 2013.  He instantly saw the advantage of utilizing EagleView reports which offer complete and highly accurate measurements for the roof, including pitch.

“We started using EagleView reports on our large and complicated jobs,” stated Verrone.  “There are so many cost and time savings including safety, accurate material ordering and overall production benefits.  We were using it limitedly in our sales and marketing efforts until they recently introduced QuickSquares.  Now we use this technology on every lead.”

“The QuickSquares report is a game changer for us,” agreed Jessica Sobota, office manager for Perry Verrone LLC.  “As soon as we receive a phone call or lead, I order a QuickSquares.  The report is great in that it is customized with our logo and information on one side and a picture of the home, total squares and predominant pitch on the other side.  The reports are delivered in about an hour from when I order it so even if it is a last-minute appointment, I can have it ready for my sales team.”

“The homeowners love seeing an aerial photo of their home and seeing the validation of the size of their roof in squares,” continued Verrone.  “We can come prepared with an estimate that is close to complete and just fill in final details as we do the roof inspection.  We are able to spend more time with the homeowner and this type of technology differentiates us from our competition.”

“Once they close the sale, I upgrade to a PremiumReport,” Sobota explained.  “The PremiumReport offers all the measurements and line lengths for highly accurate material ordering and production planning.  The great part is that the QuickSquares is $18.00 and when we upgrade to the PremiumReport that price comes off the overall cost.  It is like getting the QuickSquares for free.”

“Our sales team has to have their EagleView.  With QuickSquares we now have it on every lead at a great value in price and speed.  We can do more appointments and they are more productive,” Verrone concluded.

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