July 10, 2019

Ask a Contractor: The Importance of Customer Experience

customer service with roofer

Most contractors know the ins and outs of their business, from placing competitive bids to working with a distributor. Ultimately, however, a truly successful business comes down to one thing: the customer’s satisfaction.

Research shows that by 2020, customer experience will be more important to consumers when making a purchase than factors such as price and product. For roofers and other construction professionals, this means that being customer-centric is key for growing and maintaining a profitable business.

EagleView spoke to Marc Tantalo, Vice President of American Custom Exteriors, about what this shift means for construction businesses. He offers crucial advice for the end of a project and explains what questions businesses should be asking customers when the job wraps up.

Watch this short video to learn how businesses can create a positive experience for a customer from start to finish:

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