May 18, 2020

Buildings: 3 High-Tech Tools That Can Better Your Building’s Roof and Exterior

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VP, Product Strategy Pete Cleveland recently spoke to Buildings about how high-resolution aerial imagery can help building owners make smarter decisions for their properties.

From the Buildings article:

Aerial imagery and data insights are two key ways for facility managers and building owners to make smarter decisions for their properties. Pete Cleveland, vice president of product strategy for EagleView, says this type of technology allows users to gain all kinds of insights, such as water damage on the roof, determining material quantities for roof replacement projects, green roof design and more.

“We can offer our customers not only remote visions of a property from aerial imagery, but they can also obtain this data and structural geometries to help inform decisions that can help businesses become more effective,” he says.

EagleView is a technology provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and geographic information system solutions. The Washington-based company has over 200 patents in the aerial property measurement field and has a multi-modal database that covers 98% of the U.S. population. It obtains its data mainly through camera systems embedded in different aircraft that fly nearly 10 million miles a year, but Cleveland notes that EagleView is also now working with unmanned aerial vehicles like drones.

EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery can provide details as fine as 0.75 inches ground sample distance, which is 16 times clearer than a satellite view, according to the company’s website. Facility managers or business owners can get vertical views of their property which gives a top-down perspective, or oblique images that capture more angles and views of a building’s sides.

These different views can help make more informed decisions, such as the best place to put a new green roof. “The technology can facilitate solar designs as it can determine how much sunlight hits that roof, which in turn determines that roof’s production values,” says Cleveland.

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