March 1, 2018

3 Reasons to Download the All-New EagleView App

EagleView App

As a roofer, you already know how competitive bids for jobs can become. The time it takes to measure by hand and prepare a bid could slow you down, resulting in lost work—and profit—for you and your crew.

Now there’s an even faster way to bid on the go with the all-new EagleView App. EagleView’s new, easy-to-use mobile app lets you access detailed measurement reports anytime, anywhere.

With EagleView measurement reports, you receive the information you need to place faster, more accurate bids.

Ordering an EagleView report gives you all the information you need to bid with confidence. When you arrive prepared with a bid based on EagleView measurements, you increase your chances of winning that job.

With an EagleView report, you eliminate the risky and time-consuming process of climbing a roof to measure it, and you have everything you need to show homeowners your professionalism when you meet them for the first time.

Now you can have those measurements with you wherever you go on the new mobile app.

Eagleview App

Why download the new EagleView App?

Order reports quickly and easily.

Just sign in with your existing My EagleView account and you’re ready to begin ordering. If you don’t have a My EagleView account, you can create one right in the app. Once you log in, you’re ready to begin placing orders and seeing guaranteed accurate roof measurements.

Create a more efficient workflow.

The new EagleView App enables you to order and view your EagleView reports on the go. View the most pertinent measurements in a summary and the entire report right inside the app. The dashboard within the app helps you keep jobs organized and increase your efficiency.

Add your own notes and photos.

With an EagleView report, you already receive high-resolution images and detailed diagrams of the property. Need additional information? Keep your information in one place with the EagleView App. You now have the ability to upload and annotate your own photos of the job, so you know exactly what challenges you might face.

Download the EagleView App today

Now available for iOS in the App store and for Android in the Google Play store.

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