March 12, 2015

Case Study: Large Carrier Sees ROI Using Technology for Siding Claims

EagleView Wall ReportsAlready familiar with EagleView Technologies’ aerial roof measurement reports, a large, national insurance carrier learned about the company’s wall report and was eager to try it out for claims that involve damage to siding or windows.

The carrier’s field claims manager explained that often they would receive claims that not only were for roof damage but also included damage to the siding or windows. “We were using the EagleView roof reports for the roof measurement, but the claim would be slowed down by having to send a person out to the house to manually measure the siding or windows,” he explained. When he learned about the ClaimsReady™ wall measurement report that is produced using EagleView’s patented 3D technologies, he wanted to learn more and determine how implementing this technology would impact his company in terms of time, efficiency and from a financial perspective.

EagleView agreed to work closely with the carrier to study a sample of 1,200 closed claims and evaluate the results. EagleView wall measurement reports were generated for each of the properties. The carrier also decided to re-measure the properties by hand to double check the original accuracy. To accomplish this, they engaged their own national CAT and re-inspection teams.

Learn more about how this carrier saw ROI in EagleView’s wall measurements.

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