November 4, 2016

One Simple Profit-Boosting Solution for Contractors


The Contractor’s Dilemma

For many contractors, performing a roofing estimate means spending hours on a potential job site to measure the roof and sketch it out. But that’s time that could be spent visiting more customers – and since time is money, that’s also a loss of sales and profit.

Contractor’s DilemmaEliminating measurements altogether, however, isn’t exactly feasible. Contractors need accurate measurements to place precise supply orders. Buying too much or too little for a project only takes up more time for contractors and customers alike.

For instance, purchasing too much leaves contractors with extra items that they can’t use again, and returning the extras to a supplier takes more time away from their core business. Having too little on the job site, though, can slow down a project and leave customers frustrated with the inevitable delays.

Many contractors believe that the only way to get a 100% accurate measurement is to get up on the roof themselves. However, this still leaves room for error, and it can take up more time than necessary.

So how can contractors get those precious hours back and boost their businesses’ profitability?

The Solution

EagleView reports provide accurate, detailed measurements for residential and commercial properties. The reports include high-resolution Pictometry® aerial imagery, 3D diagrams of the roof, and the measurements of the roof’s length, area, pitch, and more. EagleView reports can also tell contractors how many ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, and eaves are on the roof as well as how much flashing and step flashing is needed. All of this information saves contractors countless hours, so they can place (and win) more bids.

Some contractors may choose to use EagleView on large jobs only – roofs of 41 squares or more, for instance. But what happens when contractors use EagleView on every job instead?

We compared the profitability of using EagleView reports every time versus only on larger jobs, and the results may surprise you. Ordering EagleView reports not only allowed for more accuracy when it came to measurements and materials.

The reports also help contractors spend more time selling than measuring. This helps roofers complete more sales calls and increase bids and profits on small and medium-sized jobs.

Ultimately, a typical roofing contractor could see an increase in profitability of more than $100,000 by skipping the manual measurements and choosing EagleView reports every time.

Download our study to read about how EagleView reports can increase revenue and transform a business model for the better.

Calculate Your Business’s Profitability

If you already know the number of jobs you perform and how much you earn from them, you can calculate your return on investment with EagleView reports. Check out the EagleView ROI Calculator and see what you get back from using EagleView on every job!

Still not sure why you should use EagleView? Read on to get the facts!

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