September 11, 2020

Roofing Contractor: EagleView assists with Hurricane Laura recovery efforts

Hurricane Laura

Roofing Contractor, the official publication of the International Roofing Expo, recently mentioned EagleView’s efforts to aid in the recovery following Hurricane Laura. EagleView’s pre- and post-event image comparisons help show the size and scope of the damage in Louisiana and Texas, and are being used by customers in local government, insurance and residential construction to help speed along rebuilding efforts.

From the article:

Janczewski’s observations of the storm damage are backed by EagleView, which teamed up with GIS Solutions to capture high-resolution aerial imagery using drones following Laura’s landfall. The imagery is being used by customers in local government, insurance and residential construction so they can fully understand the storm’s impact, and shows large swathes of damaged and destroyed buildings.

“We provide our customers with the data they need to begin the rebuilding process,” said EagleView COO Jay Martin. “By closely monitoring the storm and the airspace in its aftermath, we are able to take to the air first, allowing us to serve our customers most efficiently in their time of need.”

Read the rest from Roofing Contractor.

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