March 25, 2019

Checklist: 6 Expectations Your Roofing Distributor Should Meet

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You might think that selecting a roofing distributor for your supplies comes down to just one thing: the cost of materials. Cost is number one for construction businesses of all sizes—and rightfully so. However, that isn’t the only standard you should apply when choosing a distributor.

How can you tell you’re doing business with the right supplier? Here are six factors to consider before you begin ordering materials:

Roofing Distributor Checklist

1. Convenient Deliveries

Most, if not all, distributors will deliver supplies to your work site. Therefore, you’ll need to consider when you’ll receive those deliveries.

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For example, imagine how you would feel if your supplier was late with materials… especially while you’re paying your crew to be on-site. A distributor should communicate delivery times well beforehand to help you avoid making those irate phone calls later.

How materials arrive is also important. Will the delivery crew stack your shingles or simply leave them on a pallet in the middle of the client’s lawn? The answer can make all the difference between good and bad customer service.

2. Personalized Service

Regarding customer service, consider how you’ll interact with your roofing distributor. Depending on the volume of your orders, you may receive a personal account representative who understands your business and can meet with you when you have an issue.

If you don’t have someone to contact directly, find out what you should do when you have questions. Will you be able to ask a local customer service representative, or will you need to press “0” to speak to someone in a call center?

A smaller, local distributor may offer more personalized service, but a larger national chain may have more resources and longer hours. Weigh the needs of your business carefully when evaluating a distributor’s services.

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3. Streamlined Orders

Meeting with a roofing distributor for the first time? Remember to ask about their order policies. Some questions might include:

  • Are volume discounts available?
  • Is special financing or invoicing available?
  • Will you receive a discount for cash payments instead of credit?
  • Do they charge a restocking fee for returns?
  • Is overnight delivery available?

Save yourself a headache in the future and ask these questions before placing an order.

4. User-friendly Technology

Yes, roofing distributors keep track of the materials you order. But will they help you manage other aspects of your business?

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A view of the EagleView App measurements screen

Most distributors understand technology for business owners and contractors specifically. Your distributor might have recommendations for billing and accounting software, scheduling apps, and more to help you simplify your workflow and better manage day-to-day operations.

Technology can also help you in the bidding process. For example, EagleView provides precise property measurements and 3D technology to help you generate accurate estimates without having to spend time on the roof. Ask your distributor about solutions for faster, more competitive bids.

5. Industry-specific Support

Is your roofing distributor helping you grow your business? Some distributors offer free training sessions on topics ranging from hiring sales associates to using social media. They can also put you in touch with a manufacturer to help your employees learn how to install new products.

You can also ask if they attend or host trade shows. These events enable you to network with others in your industry and speak directly with manufacturers about innovative new products.

6. Trustworthy Commitment to Your Business

Pay attention to the service, support, and solutions you receive. Does your distributor take interest in and appreciate your business? Do you trust your distributor to help you get the job done—and done right?

Your roofing distributor’s success is your success. By meeting these six expectations, your distributor shows that they are not just a supplier but a reliable business partner, too.

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